Streamline and simplify your corporate financial management process

Empower your line managers to be more involved in the financial success of the business. idu-Concept provides smart budgeting, forecasting and reporting tools with easy-to-use modules designed to meet all of your business needs.


idu-Concept offers you a complete bottom-up budget in 4 weeks or less. Our intuitive web-based platform ensures faster turnaround times, reduced administration burden, and better budget ownership across the business.
Budgeting and Forecasting

While budgeting is a vital part of any business, reporting is where the real value is revealed. After all, if your forecasts aren’t matching up with your actual spend, it’s impossible to know how your business is really doing


Give your cost centres the tools to track
and control their physical assets, while seamlessly keeping your register up to date. Saving money and increasing efficiency.

Spend Management

Self-service, cloud based budgeting and reporting tools for small to medium enterprises. IDU Bring Your Own Licence solution for large corporates looking for hosting and hardware in the Cloud.  

Budgeting and Forecasting
Budgeting and forecasting
Simple solutions for budgeting and forecasting

When it comes to budgeting for your business, time is of the essence. Can you afford for your financial department to spend precious hours chasing down budget information, when they should be spending their time on the more valuable task of financial analysis instead? Or for your line managers to spend days or weeks compiling budgets when they should be selling?

Enable your business by creating a culture of ownership. Start at grass- roots level by building an inclusive vision of where your business should be and what it needs to get there. We’re talking budgets! 

idu-Concept is available in Light, Standard and Enterprise editions, offering a tiered solution to meet client requirements.

idu-Concept Financial Budgeting Module

Without the right tools, budgeting can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Our system eliminates the pitfalls of spreadsheet-based budgeting and reduces the number of iterations involved in the budget cycle. By using idu-Concept, companies have been able to reduce their budget cycle by up to 70%.

Instead of consolidating, correcting and disseminating spreadsheets, your finance department can focus on important issues such as the budget process, financial anomalies and providing financial guidance and direction to non-financial managers.

idu-Concept Revenue Budgeting Module

Are you still preparing your revenue budgets centrally?

Improve accuracy, efficiency and buy-in by harnessing your teams’ knowledge and expertise in the revenue budgeting process.

idu-Concept offers an online, easy-to-use performance management tool that allows users to capture revenue budgets at a customer and product level with real-time aggregation and management.


Efficient, up to date and easy to use reporting software

Drive accountability throughout the organisation by delivering transparent, timely, detailed financial information to your business in a point-and-click environment. 

idu-Concept’s Reporting Modules are available in Light, Standard and Enterprise editions, and allow users to keep track of their actuals as they occur, while also providing tools to analyse this data against the existing budget.

idu-Concept Financial Reporting Module

idu-Concept offers real-time, online access to information in a format that is easy to use and understand by both financial and non-financial managers. Instant access to key information allows the business to react faster to deviations from the plan. It also increases cost-centre managers’ involvement, empowerment and ownership of the numbers.

idu-Concept’s Financial Reporting Module complements the general ledger and streamlines the management reporting process to ensure transparency and ownership. Financial information held within the idu database is sent electronically directly to the user via a customisable alerts function. This keeps them up to date on any critical business information.

This module can also be used in conjunction with idu-Concept’s Financial Budgeting Module to offer additional features for daily, weekly and monthly financial reporting.

idu-Concept Revenue Reporting Module

The idu-Concept Revenue Reporting Module is a two-way interface between the budget and revenue ledger systems. It allows for real-time interaction with revenue data and enables users to comment on and analyse variances between anticipated revenue outcomes and those that have actually transpired. The module builds on the advances achieved through the idu-Concept Revenue Budgeting interface, and enables the reporting of daily, weekly and monthly revenue information to managers via the web.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Simple, secure software solutions for keeping track of your assets

If your company has ever found a fixed asset or piece of equipment in the wrong place – or worse, not found it at all − you know how important it is to control your asset locations and physical verifications.

Our Assets Module gives users all the tools they need to take ownership of the assets and equipment under their control. Making transfers and conducting physical verifications with our web-based solution gives the business a real-time view of all its assets and their locations. idu-Concept interfaces directly with the fixed asset register to keep financial records up to date, and integrates with other modules to enhance performance management procedures. .

Spend Management

Spend Management
Save money and increase efficiency

idu-Concept Spend Management is a sophisticated add-on to most accounting and ERP solutions.

This comprehensive software leverages the power of industry-leading Spend Management technology to save you money and dramatically increase efficiency. Our award-winning solution automates the full spending and procurement cycle, and streamlines the purchase-to-pay process while providing end-to-end visibility.

idu-Concept Spend Management not only complements, but also extends the functionality of existing systems. In this way, you get the combined value of the systems beyond your initial investment. .

Cloud Financials
Budgeting and reporting in the cloud

Small and medium businesses can take their budgeting and reporting to the next level thanks to idu-Cloud Financials. With idu-Concept, financial managers of SMEs can improve turnaround times, increase business unit ownership of budgets, enable integrated and inclusive planning to build transparency and accountability, reduce administrative overload and improve reporting.

Thanks to cloud-based delivery of the software via Amazon Web Services Marketplace, SMEs can self-provision the software in a fraction of the time and cost, transforming their budgeting process from a manual and inefficient process to an automated, speedy and accurate one. Self-service installation, supported by video tutorials, can be as quick as a couple of hours with no installation charges. SMEs also get the typical benefits of a cloud-based service: they only pay for what they need; can ramp the service up and down depending on requirements and there is no need for capital expenditure in on-site hardware.

IDU Bring Your Own Licence to the Cloud

IDU’s award winning financial management software is available using a Bring Your Own Licence (BYOL) model, using cloud hosting and hardware and reducing capital expenditure in on site IT infrastructure.

The BYOL offering allows the client access to the full Enterprise edition of idu-Concept, and all the additional modules available within the software, yet with the benefit of no capital expenditure in on site hardware. It also means that the number of users is unlimited, opening the cloud offering to mid to large corporate clients looking for a cloud solution.

Customers who opt to go with the BYOL option would purchase their software licences directly from IDU. There are a number of different licence models to choose from depending on your unique businesses requirements. The hosting, hardware specifications and pricing would then be negotiated between the client and the Cloud provider like AWS or Microsoft Azure, depending on their unique requirements.

As an alternative option IDU can offer a full cloud solution on a managed or non-managed basis where IDU would be a one-stop solution for both infrastructure and product through our technology partner CipherWave.

Cloud hosting has the ability to improves productivity, allowing IT to focus on delivering business value, not maintaining infrastructure.